Medical Records Working Group (MRWG)

The BEC MRWG was established in May 2006, with the overarching goal of systematically examining all phases of the paper-based military Service Treatment Record (STR) Life Cycle Management Process. The MRWG places an emphasis on providing timely, accurate, and complete Service member and veteran STR-related information to Department of Defense (DoD) and Veterans Affairs (VA) designated benefits determination decision makers.

The MRWG is charged with addressing paper-based STR management issues within DoD and VA and facilitating solutions to improve life cycle management of STRs. Key areas of analysis include: developing policy for the disposition of STRs; reviewing regulatory guidance and business processes and adapting accordingly; proposing milestones and requesting approval from the DoD/VA Benefits Executive Council (BEC) for implementation of applicable business process changes; implementing improved paper-based STR business processes; developing Department-specific and individual Component/organization specific guidance and procedures with internal controls and accountability; and reporting the status of MRWG efforts to the DoD/VA BEC, the DoD/VA Health Executive Council (HEC), and the DoD/VA Joint Executive Council (JEC) on a quarterly basis. The MRWG also facilitates coordination  among DoD, VA, and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

The MRWG is responsible for implementing recommendations from the Health Treatment Record (HTR) Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Analysis, chartered by the Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (PDUSD) for Personnel and Readiness (P&R) on May 12, 2008. This effort sought to improve the management and handling of HTR information. The long-term goal is to provide  the VA with access to complete HTR information for 95% of Service members and veterans, within 40 days after discharge/separation/retirement. (Please note that the terms 'STR' and 'HTR' are used interchangeably and apply to the Service member's outpatient medical and dental records.)

There are four MRWG Co-chairs. The Co-chairs represent: Personnel and Readiness Information Management (P&R IM); the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs (OASD(HA)), TRICARE Management Activity (TMA); the Office of the Under Secretary for Benefits, Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA); and the Veterans Affairs Records Management Center. Additional participants include Service Surgeon General representatives and Records Managers from all the Military Departments, Official Military Personnel File Records Managers from all the Military Departments (including Coast Guard, Active and Reserve Components), and VBA Compensation and Pension Service representatives.

P&R IM's Role
P&R IM provides one of the MRWG's Co-chairs, as well as policy and records management subject matter expertise for MRWG initiatives. In coordination with the other Co-chair organizations, P&R IM facilitates the MRWG meetings and provides overall meeting support (to include the assigning, tracking, execution, and reporting of action items).

The MRWG meets on a quarterly basis.

For more info on the BEC MRWG, please contact the P&R IM MRWG Representative.
MRWG Charter
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