The HRM EA capability aligns with the vision and mission of USD(P&R) to support HRM transformation goals, core processes, and relationships with other architectures.

The HRM EA capability includes the following:

Architecture Federation entails identification and documentation of logical linkages between architectures to understand information exchanges across an enterprise or between stakeholder organizations. P&R IM assists HRM stakeholder organizations by integrating high-level HRM architecture information into the Department of Defense (DoD) Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA), Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEA), and Global Information Grid (GIG). Learn more.

The Under Secretary of Defense (USD (P&R)) designated the Director, Personnel and Readiness Information Management (P&R IM) to serve as the executive responsible for promoting, coordinating, and integrating business transformation within HRM. HRM capabilities provide the vehicle for the OUSD (P&R) to enact policies and procedures that attract, retain, and motivate a high quality and diverse DoD workforce. P&R supports and cares for the most important resource in the Department—its people. The HRM Core Business Mission strategic planning documents contain links to information that addresses a broad spectrum of activities in support of business transformation mission objectives and goals. These documents are intended to aid planners in articulating a context for their efforts while formulating HRM related Information Technology (IT) solutions. The information resources listed below are living documents that change with time, policies, procedures, and goals. These documents will be updated on an as needed basis. Learn More.

HRM EA Development depicts how human resource-specific capabilities, End-to-End (E2E) business flows, business process, and systems information are organized to support laws, policies, and regulations, federation, system certification, portfolio management, etc. P&R IM provides EA functional knowledge and developmental architecture support to P&R stakeholders. Learn more.

P&R IM produces a variety of products to educate and communicate with stakeholders regarding HRM EA efforts and initiatives. Learn more.

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